In the following I list questions that I am asked again and again.If there are still open questions, then simply:

I had no intention of becoming a professional politician. I was very happy with my previous job as a salaried managing director, and there was no financial advantage to the change. When I was asked whether I could imagine becoming a department head for education and digitization in Darmstadt, I asked myself for a long time whether public administration was the right place for me. Ultimately, the deciding factor was that as a politician I work for society as a whole and can thus make a difference for all of us. If I take stock in a few years and then realize that this was not the right path, then I will find another way. I am not dependent on politics and don't want to be.

I have dedicated a separate page to this topic. Look here.

About 70 hours a week, including weekends. It's stressful, but I like it!

I have many different goals:

  1. Everyone should have equal opportunities in life through education.
  2. An efficient and digitally accessible city administration.
  3. Efficient and climate-friendly mobility
  4. Changing the political climate - We don't listen to each other enough!
  5. And much more...take a look at my application for mayor, for example.

As a city councilor, I would be entitled to a company car, but I turned it down. Instead, I have a business e-bike that gets me to my destination quickly and very reliably without having to search for a parking space. If I have to travel longer distances, I usually take the train.

Privately, I own a car from the early 2000s, which I use from time to time in my old home country (public transport there is a disaster). If my faithful companion ever gives up the ghost, I'll switch completely to car sharing.

On the one hand, a mayor must have very good management skills, and on the other, he or she must always have an open ear for the concerns of the citizens. By "an open ear," however, I mean not only the ability to listen, but also to take what is heard into account in one's own plans. Furthermore, I expect this person to be able to get to grips with issues and not just play the "Grüß-August".

In my opinion, I have the necessary management skills(click here for my resume). Whether the rest also fits, you can convince yourself in a personal interview 🙂 Click here to book an appointment!

To be honest: Not very much. But the time I have, I use to see my friends and to do sports from time to time.

I always use the following example: take the best of the Greens, the SPD and the FDP and mix in a large portion of Europe: ready is the Volt Party!

But seriously: We are a European party that competes at all levels (EU, national, state, local) with the same set of values. We want to advance our society without ideology and based on facts. Our central pillars are:

  1. Quality education and equal opportunities
  2. An efficient and digital management
  3. An innovative and climate-friendly economy
  4. Social equality
  5. A politically active citizenry
  6. EU reforms for a more democratic Europe


I'll tell you what that means for Darmstadt here. If you want to know more about Volt, you can have a look here: To the Volt basic program

I live in a steady partnership and would very much like to have children someday. But at the moment we are not yet ready.

As a city councilor, I have been responsible for education and digitization since October 1, 2021. The area of education includes, for example, the more than 40 public school buildings in Darmstadt (not the teachers or school administrators, those are employed by the state). In the area of digitization, I am responsible for ensuring that the city's services are gradually digitized.

Until September 2021, I was the managing director of a company with 20 employees that was founded in 2017. Before that, I was employed as an SAP consultant at a large industrial company in Hesse.

Click here for my curriculum vitae.

There is no one favorite place, but I love to ride my bike through the forest towards the Prince of Hesse mine.

Any questions? Then write me a message!